Super Duplex Plate

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Plate

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Plate

Super duplex plate is a metallic plate made out of super duplex stainless steel material. There are standard duplex, super duplex and lean duplex grades depending on the material composition of the duplex grade. Naman Pipe & Tubes is a manufacturer and supplier of SDSS products such as plate, Coil, sheet, foil and strips. This material is strong and highly resistant against corrosion in most media, especially against chloride ion corrosion stress. We manufacture the SDSS sheet with high production quality.

There are different specifications such as the ASTM A240 plate to maintain the qualities and properties under standards all over the world. The SDSS plates are used in transportation, oil and gas storage, tanks in boilers and heat exchangers and in other applications as well. These plates are used as cladding plates over other metallic structures to guard against corrosion in high risk environments. The plates are stronger and corrosion resistance with high cost efficiency in the long term usage. The Super duplex steel strips are used to fit and weld plates of cut to sizes. We also supply foils to be used in specific applications. Please contact us with your product requirements and we will cater your needs.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Plate Size Range


0.125"- 1.000"

Sheet & Coil

0.018" - 0.130"




2m, 2.44m, 3m, 6m

Super Duplex Plate Specifications

Standard Specifications ASTM A240 / ASME SA 240
Test NORSOK MDS D55, EN 10204 3.2
Thickness 4 to 100mm
Surface Finish Types NO.8, hair line, sand blast, 8K, NO.4, 2D, checkered, etching, BA, NO.1, Brush, SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated), mirror, Hot rolled plate (HR), embossed, 2B, Cold rolled sheet (CR)
Forms Include Blank (Circle), sheared, Sheet, Rolls, soft annealed, Coils, Plate, Clad Plate, Rolling Sheet, Checker Plate, Foils, Rolling Plate, Flats, Strip, tread plate, Flat Sheet, descaled, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, annealed, Flat Shim

Different Types of Super duplex stainless steel sheet

ASTM A240 Super Duplex Stainless Steel Plate

ASTM A240 Super Duplex Stainless Steel Plate

  • Coil
  • SDSS Hot Rolled Plate
  • Foil
  • Strip
ASME SA 240 Super duplex stainless steel sheet

ASME SA 240 Super duplex stainless steel sheet

  • Shim Stock
  • Cold Rolled Sheet
  • SDSS Perforated Sheet
  • SDSS ASTM A240 Polished Sheet

Super Duplex Sheet & Plate Price List

Type INR/Kg
SDSS Plate INR 550-700 / Kg
SDSS Sheet INR 650-900 / Kg

Why Super duplex Plates are suitable material for Desalination Equipment and pressure vessels?

The super duplex grade stainless steel materials have chromium, nickel and molybdenum in the composition and they have austenitic and ferritic structures in the metallurgy. This makes them highly strong, corrosion resistant and ductile. The strength enables the material to withstand high stress and pressure while the composition allows the material to be corrosion resistance against salt water. So the water desalination equipment could be made out of this material to avoid corrosion. The pressure vessels require high stress resistance. These materials are stronger so they could be used in pressure vessels and pressure components as well.

UNS S32750 / S32760 SDSS 2507 Sheets & Plates Chemical Composition

Mn  Si  Cr  Ni Mo 
00.03  1.20 00.035  00.02  00.80 24.0-26.0  6.0-8.0  3.0-5.0  00.24-00.32 

Mechanical Properties of S32750 / S32760 Alloy 2507 Plates

Tensile Stress Yield Stress Elongation Hardness 
min MPa min MPa   % min  Brinell maximum 
795  550  15.25%  310 

2507 UNS S32750 / S32760 Sheet Equivalent Standards

UNS S32750 ASTM A240 1.4410 Alloy 2507
UNS S32760 ASTM A240 1.4501 Zeron 100
UNS S32250 ASTM A240 1.4507 Alloy 255