Duplex Steel Plate

Duplex Steel Plate

Duplex Steel Plate

Duplex Steel Plate is a type of metallic plate that is used for various purposes in various industries. There are different grades and types of DSS and the mechanical properties vary with these grades. Naman Pipe & Tubes is a manufacturer and supplier of various kinds of Duplex Plate products. We offer the products in standard duplex, super duplex and in lean duplex grades. These plates are used in transport and storage industries for paneling. The Stainless Steel Duplex Plate can also be used as cladding material over other types of metals to avoid corrosion. Since duplex steel has dual microstructure of ferritic and austenitic stainless steels, it combines the corrosion resistance and strength of both types. Therefore the applications that require both mechanical properties use these plates.

We are a leading Duplex Plate supplier in India and our products are of high quality. We also test our products to the international standards. As a Duplex Plate Stockist we store all different types of duplex plates in various dimensions. Our DSS Plate material could be gained in predefined sizes or in cut to sizes; also the plate thicknesses can be specifically ordered from us.  We supply various standards such as the ASTM A240 Sheet. Please contact us for further details and pricing of the duplex plates.

Duplex Steel Plate Inventory Size Ranges


0.125"- 1.000"

Sheet & Coil

0.018" - 0.130"




2m, 2.44m, 3m, 6m


ASTM / ASME Standard ASTM A240 / ASME SA 240
Available Thickness 4 to 100mm
Mechanical Surface Finishing BA, embossed, NO.4, Brush, NO.1, SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated), mirror, 2B, etching, Hot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR), 2D, sand blast, hair line, checkered, 8K, NO.8
Available Forms and Types Rolling Plate, Rolls, Shim Sheet, Rolling Sheet, Flat Shim, tread plate, soft annealed, sheared, Blank (Circle), annealed, Foils, Plain Sheet, Strip, Flat Sheet, Flats, Sheet, Coils, Checker Plate, Plate, descaled, Clad Plate

Most Common Types of ASTM A240 Duplex Sheet

ASME SA 240 Duplex Plate

ASME SA 240 Duplex Plate

  • Coils
  • Hot Rolled Plate
  • Chequered Plate
  • Strips
ASTM A240 Duplex Sheet

ASTM A240 Duplex Sheet

  • Shim Sheet
  • Cold Rolled Plate
  • Perforated Sheet
  • SA 240 Polished Plate

Duplex Steel Plate Price in India

Type INR/Kg
DSS Plate INR 300-350 / Kg
DSS Sheet INR 300-400 / Kg

Duplex stainless steel plate finishes with sizes

Surface finish

Thickness Range in stock (mm)

Available Width (mm)

1D - Hot rolled, pickled, heat treated sheet/ plates


max. 2032

2R - Cold-rolled (CR), bright-annealed Sheet & Plate



2H - Work hardened Plate & Sheet



2B - Cold rolled (CR), heat treated, pickled, skin passed Sheet & Plate


max. 2032

2D - Cold rolled (CR), heat treated, pickled Plate & Sheet


max. 1524

2E - Cold rolled (CR), heat treated, mechanically descaled Sheet & Plate


max. 2032

2R - Cold rolled (CR), bright annealed Plate & Sheet


max. 1524

2H - Work hardened Sheet & Plate


max. 1524

Brushed / Polished


max. 1524



max. 1524



max. 1,524

How to check the weight of Duplex Plates?

The weight of any steel plate depends on four parameters. The width, the length, thickness and the density of the steel are those parameters. If the density is known either in grams per centimeter cube or kilograms per meter cube, then the density is multiplied by the volume of the sheet. The volume is calculated by multiplication of the width, length and the thickness of the sheet. For example, if a 2205 grade duplex sheet is 10mm thick, 1m width and 2m long, then the volume is derived as 0.01m (divided by 1000 to get mm into m) x 1m x 2m which equals 0.02 m3. So the weight is calculated as 0.02 m3 x 782 kg/m3 which equals to15.64 kg.

Chemical composition of DSS Sheets & Plates

Alloy 2205 Element Weight%
Chromium -Cr 22.0 - 23.0%
Nickel -Ni 4.5 - 6.5%
Manganese-Mn 2.0% maximum
Silicon-Si 1.0% maximum
Phosphorous-P 0.03% maximum
Sulfur-S 0.02% maximum
Carbon-C 0.03% maximum
Nitrogen-N 0.1 - 0.2%
Molybdenum-Mo 3.0 - 3.5%
Iron-Fe Balance

EN 10088 DSS Plates Mechanical properties

Types Maximum Thickness UTS (MPa) Yield Stress (MPa) %EL Impact Hardness, J
Cold Rolled (CR) 8 700 - 950 Mpa 500 minimum 20 minimum -
Hot Rolled (HR) 13.5 700 - 950 Mpa 460 minimum 25 minimum 100 (long) minimum
Plate 75 640 - 840 Mpa 460 minimum 25 minimum 100 (long) minimum