Manufacturer, supplier and stockist of Duplex Steel Products
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Manufacturer, supplier and stockist of Duplex Steel Products

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Our Duplex and Super Duplex Steel Products are widely available in the market. We are the Naman Pipe & Tubes and we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of different types of metallic products. We are also stockists of most stainless steel, duplex and other alloyed and commercially pure material made products. Our specialty is in Duplex Piping Material and we produce pipes in the standard duplex, lean duplex and in the super duplex grades. We offer our customers with high quality products. Since we are a manufacturer, supplier and stockists, we supply the products for competitive pricing to the market prices. The Duplex Steel Material used by us is of high quality and the manufacturing methodologies are of high tech. We ensure that our customers receive tested and quality made products from us. That’s why our Duplex Tubular Products are used all over the world in different industries and applications. We supply for the sea water, marine, ship building, aerospace, food processing, natural gas, oil refineries, water management, petrochemical and other industrial applications. You can always rely on the quality of our products and the standards of the Super Duplex Stainless Steel Material used by us. We welcome our customers with any kind product inquiries or price inquiries. We also take custom orders to provide custom solutions to the unique requirements of yours.

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