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About Naman Pipe and Tubes



The steel industry is an ever-growing market in the world today. Established in 2006, Naman Pipe & Tubes is one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of piping products in India. We stock all piping products for several applications in the onshore, offshore, subsea, and renewables industry. The material we supply are produced using the best material and are available in different sizes and shapes. These piping products are considered one of the most complete in the industry as we have some of the most sophisticated grades like Duplex, Super Duplex, 6Moly, and Stainless Steel in our inventory.

The strategic location of Naman Pipe & Tubes allows us to readily avail quality raw materials and have good logistical support. The abundance of quality cheap labor in the country allows us to provide products at cheap rates.

Some About Milestone

It’s An Overview of Naman Pipe & Tubes
In Past 16 Years

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    Started as a stockholder & trader in Mumbai

    Incorporated in the Year 2006 as a stockholder of Duplex material
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    Started as a supplier and distributor

    We started supplying piping material in all over India in various states
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    Started Manufacturing Flanges and Forging products

    Started Manufacturing Flanges and Forging products in All DSS & SDSS grades
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    Enhanced Manufacturing Capabilities

    In the Year 2009, we also started producing Pipe Fittings, Round Bar, Valves, Tube Fittings, Forged Fittings, and Fasteners
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    Become 2nd Largest Duplex Steel supplier in Maharashtra

    As per Export data for the years 2010-2011, Naman Pipe & Tubes become the 2nd Largest supplier of Duplex Steel in Maharashtra, India
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    Started exporting to more than 60 countries

    We become a global supplier and exporter in the Year 2012
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    Achieved Best exporter award

    Naman Pipe & Tubes received the Best exporter award in Mumbai.


Value-Added Services

Naman Pipe & Tubes has had a rapid expansion since our inception, and much of the credit goes to our employees and the core team who have, the belief in getting the manufacturer to the client.

Our philosophy propels us to meet all value-added services through our comprehensive supply chain. We go far beyond just satisfying the contract. We aim to provide solutions that tailor to each customer's individual needs. The ever-changing customer requirements have propelled us to understand customer requirements from an early date to deliver the best products. We help optimize engineering solutions while decreasing the cost of the operation.

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Industries we serve

Chemical processing

Our company specializing in products which are required for various chemical processing systems. These products possess excellent corrosion and erosion resistance properties. Apart from this, they exhibit phenomenal mechanical properties and subline strength in different environments. These diverse perquisites enable them to be utilized in high-pressure and temperature applications.

Our compressive inventory is made up of different types of alloys and steels of different chemical make-up. These can be custom-designed as per the requirements of the industry through waterjets, lasers, bar saws, etc. processing systems. They are widely utilized in pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, piping systems, distillations units, safety components, pollution control, etc.


The aerospace industry is a fragile industry requiring high-quality components which are highly reliable. Our lightweight and dependable elements are widely preferred across the industry. The high corrosion and temperature resistance of these modules enable them to be utilized in different engine parts, exhaust systems, and landing gears. Apart from this, some fasteners, springs, and turbine blades are also produced from them.

Motorsport alloys

Motorsports is an ever-growing sport in the world today. The race for being the best from the rest has pushed engineers to find solutions to make the cars as fast as possible. While making faster cars, the safety of the drivers is never compromised. In this innovative market, we are the frontrunners in providing high-quality products to the best teams around the world. Our range is utilized in various applications ranging from axels, bellows, driveshafts, exhausts, wishbones, gears, and other parts.

Bio-synthetics and pharmaceutical

This industry is one of our important consumers, which will help in the sustainability of the human race in the long run. As a respected supplier across the globe, we supply our components in a short span of time. Our services will always exceed your expectations. Our modules are widely used in applications in solvent recovery plants, tray dryers, centrifuges, filters, fermenters, conical mixers, nutsche pressure filters, and so on.

Oil and gas

The oil and gas institutions help in running the world and other important processes. To extract these valuable resources considerable amount of construction has to take place. This is where we come in our extensive range of products enable industries to produce gigantic structures to get to the fossil fuels. With the bright future in the field, investors are fully committed to getting a piece of this ginormous industry. Our modules are utilized in applications for subsea connectors, fasteners, valves, wellhead, and process equipment.

Petrochemical and refineries

In this industry crude, or natural as are converted to their finished product. They are later utilized for everyday usage. With rapid changes in environmental and new technical regulations, the industry is constantly evolving. We provide an extensive range of alloys and steel products that facilitate this process. They are utilized in various applications namely heat exchangers, separators, manifolds, flow control equipment, pumps, trays, distillation units, and so on.

Power generation

The source of our power and electricity is attained due to the power generation industry. Power can be generated utilizing fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable sources. Each process requires a different set of tools and infrastructure to be able to function properly. Our range of metal products enables the generation of power to be used across various stressful environments. They are used in burners, tidal power, biomass, fuel injection, carbon capture, geothermal power, tidal energy, transition ducts, and across various other systems.

Thermal processing

This process is utilized to eliminate harmful microorganisms across various food products. The products in our inventory are heat-resisting alloys that provide good strength and excellent oxidation resistance for equipment up to 1232 degrees C. They are used in applications, such as radiant tubes, furnace belts and muffles, vacuum treating, annealing systems, etc.

Quality Policy


We have adhered to our quality assurance practices since the very start of our company, Naman Pipe & Tubes. They were designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers in critical industries, where our products can effectively be used.

We employ the optimum raw material, along with advanced technologies and the needed post processing methods followed by rigorous quality checks to safeguard the overall quality of the product and the material properties.

We have several years of experience when it comes to quality assurance. And, we have taken it as a mission to establish a solid foundation for our quality assurance system within our current and expanding manufacturing system.

We have invested a considerable amount in our Research and Development wing so that we can customize top-quality duplex and super duplex products according to the needs and requirements of our clients. We maintain the accuracy and quality of our products by putting into use the most sophisticated and advanced testing facilities and equipment. We have certified laboratories for different types of examinations, including microstructure, mechanical, and corrosion testing. We also use 3D scanners and computational modeling to maintain our product quality.

In Hosue Testing & Inspection

Flaring test
Flaring test
PMI test
PMI test
Flattening test
Flattening test
Hardness test
Hardness test
Radiography test
Radiography test
Ultrasonic test
Ultrasonic test

Quality Policy

At Naman Pipe & Tubes, complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. The quality of the products would determine the success of our company in the market. It is important not only to meet but exceed the demands of our customers. Our quality excellence journey is built on both, commitment and participation of all our stakeholders, which means we consider ourselves responsible for each of the things that we do.

The highlights of our quality policy would include:

  • Satisfied customers- At Naman Pipe & Tubes, we are committed towards providing our customers with products and service that meets or exceeds their expectations. We listen, and understand the needs of our customers, to later make some sustainable improvements in both our products and processes.
  • Zero defects- It is our guiding principle which helps us to achieve quality excellence. We employ various preventive actions that lead to excellent operational opportunities.
  • Continuous Improvements- Our work culture is based on the notion of continuous improvements, which helps us to empower our employees and serve nothing but the best to our customers.


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