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Duplex Steel is a superalloy grade that is famous throughout the industry for its good mechanical properties and superior corrosion resistance properties. We are the Duplex Steel Supplier in India who keep stock of different Alloy 2205 products in our inventory. These steel components include valves, plates, flanges, fittings, pipes, tubes, fasteners, etc.

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Duplex Steel demand is increased by 8%
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Duplex Steel material

Norsok M630 MDS D45 approved Duplex Steel material, check price per kg in Mumbai

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Duplex material

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The range of Duplex Steel material is available in different shapes and sizes to suit different project requirements. Naman Pipe & Tubes is one of the 2205 Alloys Manufacturer in Mumbai who supply quality-assured products across all our outlets. These components are produced with the best raw materials and cutting-edge technology under the guidance of our experienced technicians. Our vast Duplex Steel Products Stock for Sale across all our outlets can be delivered to your doorstep within a short time frame. This is due to our strong connections with logistical and supply chains. There are plenty of Duplex stainless Steel Stockist in India, but not all of them can provide value-added services. Apart from providing a quality product we ensure that any additional grooving, cutting, or customization is done in our inhouse manufacturing plant.


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Duplex Steel Products Stock for Sale, check available sizes, grades in various forms

The 2205 alloys work well in treacherous conditions and can be seen in different applications. This is why their price is always high; however, we offer 2205 Steel Best Price in India. These reliable components are amongst the best in the country and have a long service life across different conditions. Naman Pipe & Tubes is a top UNS S31803 Material supplier in India that offers products that are easy to fit and have some outstanding features in different environments. Our rapid success in India has propelled us to venture into markets overseas. Over time we have become one of the leading Duplex Steel material exporter in India. The quality and strength of the DSS material we supply has left our overseas customers very impressed.

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Duplex Stainless Steel

Check the benefits to use Duplex Steels

The primary benefit that duplex stainless steel has lies in its capacity to deliver extremely efficient performance when compared to a larger selection of alloys. In its normal pricing there aren't any alternatives that compete with its strength and outstanding resistance to corrosion.

DSS rest on a mix consisting of ferrite and austenite. They have the best qualities that austenitic stainless steels have (good anti-corrosion properties, high impact toughness, and ready for manufacturing) as well as ferritic stainless steels (high strength and resistance to cracking from stress) while limiting the amount of alloying elements that are expensive like molybdenum and nickel.

Duplex stainless steels have strength, they can accomplish more in less. That means a thinner portion of stainless duplex steel will fulfill the same needs as a larger segment of stainless austenitic steel.

Duplex stainless steels tend to be weldable in all welding processes , but they're not as easy to weld as austenitic grades.

While duplex steel represents a small portion of the stainless steel industry, the product offers many advantages in comparison to the traditional austenitic stainless steel as well as ferritic stainless steel.

  • Increased Strength
    A number of duplex grades can be as much two times more durable than ferritic or austenitic stainless steel.
  • Extreme Toughness as well as Ductility
    Duplex stainless steel typically more flexible when under stress than ferritic grade, and has a higher degree of toughness. While they usually have less value than austenitic steels but the distinctive design and properties of duplex steel usually exceed any worries.
  • Very High Resistance to Corrosion
    The grade of the steel that is being used, duplex stainless steels provide the same (or better) resistance to corrosion as standard austenitic grades. For alloys with higher molybdenum, nitrogen, and chrome, the steels have excellent resistance to pitting and corrosion in crevices.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Duplex stainless steel has all the benefits mentioned above but requires lower levels of molybdenum as well as nickel. This makes it an affordable alternative to traditional austenitic stainless steel.The cost of duplex alloys can be more stable than other steel grades , which makes it easier to calculate the cost of production at the initial and long-term level.The more strength and better corrosion resistance also mean that the components made of duplex stainless are thinner than those made of austenitic steel, which means lower prices.
Duplex Material


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Duplex Steel Price Per Kg in Mumbai

DescriptionPrice Per Kg In US $Price Per Kg In EURO Price Per Kg In Malaysia Currency Price Per Kg In Singapore Dollar
Duplex 2205 Pipe (Seamless) US $ 5.825.5125.498.08
Welded US $ 3.883.6717.005.39
Duplex 2205 Round Bar US $ 3.233.0614.164.49
F51 Round BarUS $ 3.363.1814.734.67
Super Duplex 2507 Round BarUS $ 4.524.2819.836.28
Zeron 100 Round Bar US $ 4.854.5921.246.73
Duplex 2205 Plate US $ 4.524.2819.836.28
Super Duplex 2507 PlateUS $ 7.116.7331.169.88

On our website, you will find complete Duplex Steel information including Chemical Composition, Equivalent, Mechanical Properties, Weight Calculator, Physical Properties, Yield Strength, Fatigue Strength, Hardness, Thermal Expansion, Temperature Limit, Pren Number, Machinability, Tensile Strength, Price List.

Pren number of duplex steel

Name of the Alloy Pitting Resistance Equivalence Number (PREN) European Grade
SAF 2205 30.8-38.1 BS EN 1.4462
SAF 2507 less than 40 BS EN 1.44102
2202 26.5 BS EN 1.40621
LDX 2101 24.5-28.6 BS EN1.4162
Ferrinox 255 less than 40 BS EN 1.45072
SAF 2304 23.1-29.2 BS EN1.4362
Zeron 100 less than 40 BS EN1.45012